how we started


 AT JIREH, WE LOVE HAIR!  Simple, Pure, Perfect Hair!

We take pride in beautiful flowing clean hair. This stems back to our beginning styling doll heads, family and friends. Our goal is always to PROVIDE our clientele with the healthiest hairstyle they could ever desire. Over the course of the years we have seen and dealt with a number of problems with clients’ hair that was seriously damaged. Through our understanding and expertise of healthy hair we have been instrumental in helping revitalize a number of clients’ hair, which is what gave us the idea to focus on developing hair care products that would promote healthy hair growth.  Thus, JIREH HAIR CARE PRODUCTS was created!



Jireh is a Biblical term that means PROVIDER. God has PROVIDED us with the gift of caring for hair and from this gift came this new innovative hair care product line. JIREH HAIR CARE PRODUCTS will help support your hairs growth, strength, and shine. JIREH HAIR CARE PRODUCTS are  formulated with ingredients that will penetrate your hair for superior styling. These hair enriching products contain the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and amino acids needed to PROVIDE you with healthy hair. These wonderful styling tools we have created will give your hair the definition you desire, along with a silky smooth look without the buildup.


At JIREH HAIR CARE PRODUCTS, we believe that organic hair care is the best way to keep your hair healthy and growing throughout the day, protecting your hair from natural damage.

JIREH HAIR CARE PRODUCTS PROVIDING you with healthy hair growth!