Thanks for reaching out to us and interest in becoming a WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR VENDOR with JIREH HAIR CARE PRODUCTS. We appreciate you taking the time to make us a apart of the great quality of products that you carry and supply.  Before we begin our wonderful partnership there are a few requirements that we at JIREH HAIR CARE PRODUCTS must receive in order for us to start filling your purchase orders.

Can you tell us about your business:
  • Company Name
  • Company address 
  • Company Website:
  • Will you be selling our product on line or in a store? If located in a store please provide store location. 
  • Any social media profile(s):
  • Is your service related to hair care & beauty?
  • What type services do you offer?

The following requirement must be meet in order to participate in JIREH HAIR CARE PRODUCTS â€œWHOLESALE & VENDOR PROGRAM;

All Wholesale Vendors must have a valid & active Sellers  Permit/Wholesale License *** INTERNATIONAL SELLERS MUST HAVE A (UNIQUE TAX REFERENCE NUMBER)

****If you meet these requirements, please forward documents to :

When the requested document is received and approved we will forward you our Sellers Agreement Contact/Non Disclosure Agreement. 

Again, thank you for your time, thoughts , and consideration we look forward to connecting with you soon.Look forward to hearing from you.

Love, blessings and peace

Jireh Hair Care Products